Patisserie revisited

Patisserie revisited

For more than 20 years...

Pierre Marcolini has been rewriting the book on chocolate. This year, his insatiable desire to create has taken him back to his first love, patisserie, for which he earned the title of World Champion in 1995.

Once again in the pursuit of inspiring emotions through taste, he has interpreted the dessert in the form of 11 original recipes with one unifying characteristic that is also his most exceptional talent: chocolate. Unexpected yet so simple, this exclusive selection is an embodiment of the chef’s skill in redefining the shape of patisserie. His creations will take you on a culinary adventure where the precision in the selection of flavours borders on sculptural artistry. In other words, this is the art of contemporary patisserie.

I wanted to come up with a form of patisserie that was innovative, modern and inspiring all at once...

“I wanted to come up with a form of patisserie that was innovative, modern and inspiring all at once…with a delicate chocolate shell which was to be my unique signature. Each dessert takes the shape of a chocolate bonbon, but on another level: 60 grams of pure pleasure. In addition to praline, ganache or caramel, I have added a touch of biscuit, fruit compote or a light cream.

I drew inspiration from the culinary realm when constructing each cake by incorporating each of the textures that make up a dish. So, for example, you might find a biscuit base – containing as little sugar as possible – combined with a lighter component such as a mousse, a bavarois or a light cream, and a compote or filling that ties the whole creation together.

As for the appearance, I wanted to add a modern flourish in the form of a unique cuboid shape and a dash of colour, and to imbue each creation with emotion, joie de vivre and the unmistakeable aesthetic that is unique to the Maison.”

Pierre Marcolini

The Désirs by
Pierre Marcolini

Bruxelles-Bonheur, Tokyo-Délice, l’Amour, Casse-Noisette or simply chocolate: these invitations to explore the world of patisserie at Pierre Marcolini are as mysterious as they are wonderful.
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