1. malline voyage

    Malline Découverte

    Maison Pierre Marcolini's iconic selection
  2. Boîte de 36 Coeurs

    Boîte de 36 Coeurs

    Assortment of 36 praline, caramel or fruit cœurs
  3. Plumier Découverte

    Plumier Découverte

    Maison Pierre Marcolini's iconic selection
  4. Eclats

    Book : « Chocolat-Carnet de voyages »

    Around the world in 70 chocolate recipes
    French version
  5. Pralinés Anciens

    Pralinés Anciens d'Aujourd'hui

    Fresh take on pralines with blended dried fruit and spices. Box of 36 pieces.
  6. Grands Crus

    Grands Crus

    Thirty six pure dark chocolate ganaches
  7. Boîte de 18 Coeurs

    Boîte de 18 Coeurs

    Assortment of 18 praline, caramel or fruit cœurs
  8. Saveurs du Monde

    Saveurs du Monde

    Twenty-five squares of dark chocolate from different sources
  9. macarons

    Macaron "L'Audacieuse"

    Assortment of 12 flavours
  10. Palets Fins

    Chocolate box of 36 Truffels

    Christmas is also when we plan to welcome a new product to the range
  11. Truffes Classique

    Round Box of classic truffles

    Fifteen vanilla-flavoured chocolate truffles
  12. Truffes Champagne

    Champagne Truffles

    Thirty six champagne truffles
  13. Assotiment

    Classic Tablets Assortment

    For great gourmets who like milder, sweeter tastes and for those who love the more classical products revamped Pierre Marcolini.
  14. Cube


    Eight tablets

    Venezuela Chuao

    Caramel and fresh hazelnut notes with a fruity flavour. To be enjoyed like a great wine. Lingering aftertaste, highly appreciated for its freshness; one of the most memorable taste experiences for a chocolate fan.

    Out of stock


    Milk chocolate

    Creamy milk chocolate with hints of caramel and vanlla

    Out of stock


    Sambirano Madagascar

    A chocolate which suits a fairly wide range of tastes. Lingering aftertaste and surprising fruity notes

    White Chocolate

    Fresh vanilla from Tahiti with a hint of fleur de sel and creamy notes
  19. BRESIL

    Bahia Brazil

    Round in the mounth with banana notes. A very high quality chocolate which is an excellent introduction to grands crus from the world's great estates.
  20. Chocolat Noir Sans Sucre

    Chocolat Noir Sans Sucre

    Blend of cocoa beans from Ghana & Ecuador sweetened with Maltitol
  21. Orangette à L'ancienne

    Orangette à l'Ancienne

    Thick cut candied orange peel coated in dark chocolate
  22. Orangette


    Strips of candied orange coated in dark chocolate

    Dragées Amandes

    Whole roasted almonds coated in gianduja and cocoa powder

    Dragées Noisettes

    Whole roasted hazelnuts coated in gianduja and cocoa powder

    Jar of "Casse - Noisette" spread

    Piedmont hazelnut spread
  26. Barre 2 Chocolat assortment

    Barre 2 Chocolat assortment

    8 barres 2 chocolat : Four versions: four uniquely sensual tasting experiences
  27. Barre 2 Chocolat milk assortment

    Barre 2 Chocolat milk assortment

    8 barres 2 chocolat : Two versions: two uniquely sensual tasting experiences
  28. 64 Barre 2 Chocolat

    64 Barre 2 Chocolat

    64 chances to indulge

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