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  1. malline voyage

    Malline Découverte

    Maison Pierre Marcolini's iconic selection
  2. malline voyage

    Plumier Découverte

    Maison Pierre Marcolini's iconic selection
  3. Pralinés Anciens

    Pralinés Anciens d'Aujourd'hui

    Fresh take on pralines with blended dried fruit and spices. Box of 36 pieces.
  4. Grands Crus

    Grands Crus

    Thirty six pure dark chocolate ganaches
  5. Whiskies 1

    Box Rare Whiskies and Rums

    Special "Fathers days" Edition : Box of 18 chocolates Rare Whiskies and Rums
    The wonderfully surprising results of pairing quality chocolate with a top single-malt whisky or high-end reserve rum
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