The Egg Hunt


The Egg Hunt

The cube box "Egg hunt for 2 little gourmets".

For a moment of indulgence

In this box:

Amaretti bag

Amaretti biscuits are a soft mix between crunchiness and tenderness. They are made with almonds, spiced up with a touch...

Chocolate Coated Vanilla Marshmallow
Chocolate Coated Vanilla Marshmallow

Chocolate Coated Vanilla Marshmallow

Light vanilla marshmallow in a crisp dark chocolate shell...

Little Pink Basket

Assortment of 12 small praline easter eggs and 4 small animals...

Box of 2 Small Eggs

Assortment of 2 small praline Easter eggs...

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fêve de cacao


We select

We select the best cocoa beans and ingredients from across the world, sourced from local, independent producers.
chocolat brut


We create

All our products are created by hand in our workshop every day by our chocolatiers and pâtissiers.
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We prepare

We prepare each order with care and enthusiasm, and are always there to help.


You taste

Whether you're giving them as a gift, treating yourself, seeking a little escapism or even some excitement, our chocolates will provide you with a rare and unexpected sense of emotion.

More details

Playful assortment including 10 boxes of 2 small praline eggs, 1 basket filled with praline eggs and Easter animals, 1 box of vanilla marshmallows and 1 packet of lemon Amaretti.
The perfect kit for a joyful and gourmet egg hunt!

Consume within 1 month

Weight 536g

Dimensions L 22.5 x l 22 x h 18.5 cm

Storage Below 18°C

Box of 2 Small Eggs: sugar, cocoa beans, almonds, hazelnuts, glucose, feuilletine (contains: gluten, soy, milk), cocoa butter, fondant sugar, cream milk powder, lactose, soy lecithin without GMO, salt, vanilla from Madagascar, mango powder, strawberry powder. May contain traces of: Eggs.
Pink little Basket: Sugar, cream, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cream milk powder, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans, almonds, sesame, glucose, butter, feuilletine (contains: gluten, soy, milk), lactose, soy lecithine without GMO, salt, vanilla from Madagascar, freeze dried mango powder, freeze dried strawberry powder. May contain traces of: Eggs.
Marshmallow: Cocoa beans, sugar, invert sugar, water, cocoa butter, fish gelatin, cornstarch, soy lecithin without GMO, vanilla from Madagascar. May contain traces of: gluten, eggs, milk, nuts and sesame.
Amaretti: sugar, almonds, Egg whites, lemon marmalade (lemon, sugar, pectin). May contain traces of: gluten, soja, milk, nuts and sesame.

Box of 2 Small Eggs

KJ 2046

KCAL 491

Fat 33

Saturated fat 8.69

Carbohydrate 41

Sugar 8.1

Fibre 0.3


Salt 2163

Pink little basket 519

KJ 34g

KCAL 10g

Fat 46g

Saturated fat 39g

Carbohydrate 3,9g

Sugar 8,3g

Fibre 0,3g


Salt 1814

Marshmallow 435

KJ 25

KCAL 6.6

Fat 49

Saturated fat 42

Carbohydrate 4.3

Sugar 5.5

Fibre 0.0


Salt 1387

Amaretti 331

KJ 13

KCAL 1.1

Fat 47

Saturated fat 7.9

Carbohydrate 1.1





Commitment to sustainable chocolate

In 2019, our 5 plantations signed a charter with the Maison pledging to respect three fundamental ethical criteria in order to protect the planet and its people.
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