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Haute Couture Cuddles

A lovely day together​ hatbox

Makes an ideal gift

In this box:

Plumier of 15 Hearts “Valentine’s Day”

Assortment of ganaches...

Duo praline Heart​

Valentine's Day chocolate creation...

Box of 15 Petits Bonheurs Pierre Marcolini
Box of 15 Petits Bonheurs Pierre Marcolini

Box of 15 Petits Bonheurs

Box of 15 individually wrapped hazelnut pralines...

Box of 14 Câlins “Valentine’s Day ”

Assortment of pralines and caramels...

Pierre Marcolini confiture jam
Pierre Marcolini confiture jam

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Jam made in an artisanal way....

Pierre Marcolini
Pierre Marcolini

“The Large Casse-Noisette” Spread

Our delicious Piedmont hazelnut spread, made without palm oil in a new, more generous format....

Milk Chocolate Croustillant
Milk Chocolate Croustillant

Milk Chocolate Croustillant

Crispy nougatine with slivered almonds and caramel, coated in the Maison's milk chocolate...

Pierre Marcolini
Pierre Marcolini

Five O’Clock tablet

Homemade milk chocolate, caramelized Faro almond pieces and old-fashioned nougatine....

Product unavailable

fêve de cacao


We select

We select the best cocoa beans and ingredients from across the world, sourced from local, independent producers.
chocolat brut


We create

All our products are created by hand in our workshop every day by our chocolatiers and pâtissiers.
boîte de chocolat


We prepare

We prepare each order with care and enthusiasm, and are always there to help.


You taste

Whether you're giving them as a gift, treating yourself, seeking a little escapism or even some excitement, our chocolates will provide you with a rare and unexpected sense of emotion.

More details

Gourmet assortment to share as a lover for a delicious day.
This hat box contains 1 box of 15 Hearts, 1 Praline Heart, 1 box of 14 Câlins, 1 Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam, 1 jar of “Casse-Noisette” spread, 1 box of 15 Petits Bonheurs, 1 Five O’Clock Tablet and a box of Milk Chocolate Croustillant.

Consume within 3 months

Weight 1159g

Dimensions L 25.5 x l 25.5 x h 21.3 cm

Storage Below 18°C

Box of 15 Hearts: Cocoa butter, sugar, cream milk powder, cocoa beans, pistachios, cream, passion fruit pulp, raspberry pulp, lemon pulp, glucose, sorbitol, dextrose, butter, glycerine, raspberry vinegar, passion fruit vinegar, Kalamansi vinegar, soy lecithin without GMO, salt, kaffir lime zests, vanilla from madagascar, freeze-dried pumpkin, freeze-dried orange, dried carrot, freeze-dried beetroot, freeze-dried dragon fruit, freeze-dried spinach, concentrated beet juice, concentrate of safflower, maltodextrin, corn starch, citric acid. Praline Heart: hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa beans, feuilletine (contains: gluten, soy, milk), cocoa butter, glucose, butter, milk, soy lecithin without GMO, gelling agent: pectin. 15 Petits Bonheurs: hazelnuts, sugar, feuilletine (contains: gluten, soy, milk), cocoa butter, cream milk powder, cocoa beans, glucose, lactose, soy lecithin without GMO, salt, vanilla from Madagascar. Box of 14 câlins: sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cream, feuilletine (contains: gluten, soy, milk), almonds, hazelnuts, cream milk powder, glucose, lactose, soy lecithin without GMO, vanilla from Madagascar, salt. Strawberry/Rhubarb jam: Rhubarb puree 53%, strawberries pulp 17%, sugar 30%, apple pectin, fresh lemon zest. Casse-Noisette Spread: Hazelnuts 54,9%, sugar, cream milk powder, cocoa powder, sodium caseinate (contains: milk), lactose, salt. Milk Chocolate Tablet: Sugar, cocoa butter, cream milk powder, cocoa beans, lactose, soy lecithin without GMO, vanilla from Madagascar, salt. Milk Chocolate Croustillant: Sugar, almonds, butter, cocoa butter, cream milk powder, cocoa beans, glucose, water, lactose, soy lecithin without GMO, salt.

Box of 15 Hearts

KJ 2130

KCAL 511

Fat 34

Saturated fat 19

Carbohydrate 46

Sugar 42

Fibre 1.0

Proteins 6.0

Salt 0.2

Praline heart

KJ 2287

KCAL 548

Fat 39

Saturated fat 8.5

Carbohydrate 43

Sugar 34

Fibre 4.8

Proteins 7.1

Salt 0.1

Box of 14 câlins

KJ 2161

KCAL 518

Fat 35

Saturated fat 13

Carbohydrate 47

Sugar 40

Fibre 3.1

Proteins 6.2

Salt 0.3

Strawberry/Rhubarb jam

KJ 553

KCAL 130

Fat 0,0

Saturated fat 0,0

Carbohydrate 32

Sugar 32

Fibre 1,3

Proteins 0,7

Salt 0,03

Casse-Noisette Spread

KJ 2415

KCAL 577

Fat 44

Saturated fat 7.1

Carbohydrate 34

Sugar 33

Fibre 5.5

Proteins 13

Salt 0.2

15 Petits Bonheurs

KJ 2421

KCAL 579

Fat 43

Saturated fat 12

Carbohydrate 41

Sugar 35

Fibre 4.0

Proteins 8.1

Salt 0.3

Milk chocolat Tablet

KJ 2452

KCAL 590

Fat 43

Saturated fat 22

Carbohydrate 46

Sugar 43

Fibre 2.1

Proteins 6.2

Salt 0.2

Milk chocolate croustillant

KJ 2228

KCAL 536

Fat 38

Saturated fat 17

Carbohydrate 43

Sugar 39

Fibre 3.3

Proteins 6.7

Salt 0.3

Commitment to sustainable chocolate

In 2019, our 5 plantations signed a charter with the Maison pledging to respect three fundamental ethical criteria in order to protect the planet and its people.
Discover our Commitment

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