Pierre Marcolini Noel Christmas Hatbox


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Christmas Hatbox

Hatbox consisting of a box of 18 Christmas Petits Câlins, a plumier découverte, a small Christmas wreath, a box of orangettes, a box of vanilla marshmallows, “Casse-noisette” spread and three individual Christmas “Demi-lunes”

In this box:
Pierre Marcolini Petits calins
Pierre Marcolini Petits calins

Box of 18 Petits Câlins

New assortment of six praline and gianduja recipes....

Plumier Découverte Pierre Marcolini
Plumier Découverte Pierre Marcolini

Plumier Découverte

Signature box of 17 of the Maison's finest creations...

Pierre Marcolini
Pierre Marcolini

“The Large Casse-Noisette” Spread

Our delicious Piedmont hazelnut spread, made without palm oil in a new, more generous format....

Pierre Marcolini christmas wreath
Pierre Marcolini christmas wreath

Small wreath

Praline creation with hazelnut gianduja...

Traditional Orangettes
Traditional Orangettes


Strips of candied orange coated in dark chocolate...

Chocolate Coated Vanilla Marshmallow
Chocolate Coated Vanilla Marshmallow

Chocolate Coated Vanilla Marshmallow

Light vanilla marshmallow in a crisp dark chocolate shell...

Pierre Marcolini Demi-Lune
Pierre Marcolini Demi-Lune


Hazelnut gianduja and caramel morsel...

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fêve de cacao


We select

We select the best cocoa beans and ingredients from across the world, sourced from local, independent producers.
chocolat brut


We create

All our products are created by hand in our workshop every day by our chocolatiers and pâtissiers.
boîte de chocolat


We prepare

We prepare each order with care and enthusiasm, and are always there to help.


You taste

Whether you're giving them as a gift, treating yourself, seeking a little escapism or even some excitement, our chocolates will provide you with a rare and unexpected sense of emotion.

More details

Discover the finest creations of the House in a new size. The ideal gift for the holidays.

Consume within 3 months

Weight 1022g

Dimensions L 25.5 x l 25.5 x h 21.3 cm

Storage Below 18°C

Plumier découverte: Sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cream milk powder, cream, hazelnuts, marzipan (contains: almonds), feuillentine (contains: gluten, wheat, barley, soy, milk, lactose), butter, almonds, invert sugar, mango pulp, raspberry pulp, glycerine, glucose, sorbitol, lime pulp, cashew nuts, lactose, dextrose, soy lecithin without GMO, walnuts, water, pistachios, ginger, raspberry vinegar, passion fruit vinegar, kalamansi vinegar, cherry pulp, coffee extract, lime pulp, natural vanilla, honey, salt, lemon juice, pepper, kaffir lime zests, lemon zests, natural orange blossom aroma, gold powder, Ylang Ylang aroma, food colouring agent E171, E129, E102, E110. E129, E102 et E110 may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children.
Plumier petits calins: sugar, almonds, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cream milk powder, hazelnuts, pistachios, feuilletine (contains: gluten, soy, milk), pieces of caramel (contains: milk), sweetener: isomalt, glucose, lactose, coffee, soy lecithin without GMO, grapeseed oil, honey, cinnamon, salt, vanilla from Madagascar, gold powder, pepper.
Petite couronne: hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa beans, feuilletine (contains: gluten, soy, milk), cocoa butter, glucose, butter, full milk, soy lecithin without GMO, cream milk powder, gelling agent: pectin, gold flakes, coloring agent E129. E129 may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children.
Orangettes: Pieces of candied orange, cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin wihtout GMO.
Marshmallow: Cocoa beans, sugar, invert sugar, water, cocoa butter, fish gelatin, cornstarch, soy lecithin without GMO, vanilla from Madagascar.
Casse-noisette: Hazelnuts 54,9%, sugar, cream milk powder, cocoa powder, sodium caseinate (contains : latte), lactose, salt.
Demi-lune: sugar, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, cocoa beans, cream, cream milk powder, feuilletine (contains: gluten, soy, milk), glucose, lactose, soy lecithin without GMO, salt, vanilla from Madagascar, coloring agent E129. E129 may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children.

Plumier découverte

KJ 2200

KCAL 529

Graisses 39

AG Saturés 15

Glucides 40

Sucre 34

Fibres 3.1

Protéines 6.9

Sel 0.1

Plumier petits calins

KJ 2258

KCAL 542

Graisses 39

AG Saturés 14

Glucides 42

Sucre 37

Fibres 3.2

Protéines 6.5

Sel 0.3

Petite couronne

KJ 2340

KCAL 561

Graisses 41

AG Saturés 10

Glucides 41

Sucre 32

Fibres 5.4

Protéines 7.7

Sel 0.2


KJ 1683

KCAL 402

Graisses 19

AG Saturés 5.3

Glucides 57

Sucre 42

Fibres 5.9

Protéines 3.8

Sel 0


KJ 1814

KCAL 435

Graisses 25

AG Saturés 6.6

Glucides 49

Sucre 42

Fibres 4.3

Protéines 5.5

Sel 0.0


KJ 2415

KCAL 577

Graisses 44

AG Saturés 7.1

Glucides 34

Sucre 33

Fibres 5.5

Protéines 13

Sel 0.2


KJ 2388

KCAL 573

Graisses 44

AG Saturés 17

Glucides 40

Sucre 37

Fibres 2.7

Protéines 5.6

Sel 0.3

Commitment to sustainable chocolate

In 2019, our 5 plantations signed a charter with the Maison pledging to respect three fundamental ethical criteria in order to protect the planet and its people.
Discover our Commitment

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