Our Creations

Contemporary Craftsmanship

A unique expertise

Almost 80 artisans, all with their own unique expertise, work at the Pierre Marcolini factory in Brussels.

Incessantly reworked and updated, the Maison recipes – ganaches, pralines, confectionary – are handmade according to tradition.

Maison Specialities

Malline Découverte

Farewell the traditional chocolate box! In 1998, the Pierre Marcolini Maison introduced a new box: the Malline (a contraction of “malle” [trunk] and “praline”).

This signature box contains 33 signature creations that showcase the essential Maison flavours.

It is the culmination of a long creative journey.

Raspberry Heart

Raspberry Heart

Fresh raspberry ganache enhanced with lemon zest.

Since 2000, the raspberry heart has been the Maison emblem.

With bold flavours and more delicate notes, this creation shows how cocoa combined with fruit can lead to an exceptional chocolate.

Carré² Chocolat

Carré² Chocolat

The Maison’s signature bar, this is a wry wink at all the bars on the market that were rectangular.

Apart from its cryptic name, this collection of chocolate bars includes all Pierre Marcolini’s creations using the world’s finest cocoa varieties.

Artistic Collaborations

Aesthete and naturally inquisitive, Pierre Marcolini finds inspiration in the spirit of the times and the playful concepts of creatives who, like him, enjoy bending the rules.

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