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Delve into the world of Maison Pierre Marcolini, continuously seeking the best cocoa beans and the taste of emotion!

Escapades Chocolat

The podcast to savour


Through his Escapades Chocolat, the Chef passionately shares with you his travels and encounters up to the development of his creations in his Brussels workshop.

Dive into the heart of his universe and enjoy!

Escapades Chocolat, a podcast (in french) to listen to without moderation…


In the spirit of the Tropics

This Fall, we are heading towards South America and its tropical lands!

Two new exceptional Grands Crus and two new Creations tablets have joined the Maison’s collection.
The Ancient Pralines boxes got a makeover with a clean cut revealing a divinely praline interior.
The Truffle boxes are now adorned with new shades of cocoa powder evocative of the lands of South America.

A resolutely gourmet & creative autumn in the colours of tropical lands.


The 20th anniversary of bean to bar

A 20-year cocoa bean expertise

In 2001, Pierre Marcolini created his own chocolate starting with the beans themselves; he became a pioneer of the bean to bar movement.

In 2021, the Chef took the time to work with his signature chocolate and create a collection of 20 new tablets.

“Tablets are the essence of the chocolatier’s work, they are the purest expression of their personality, their vision, and their flare.” Pierre Marcolini

Discovering new varieties
Once again, Pierre Marcolini set out on his search for new flavours and new regions, from South America to Asia via Africa. On his journey, Pierre Marcolini found exceptional regions never before known to chocolatiers, such as Hainan Island in China where he has pioneered the use of the region’s cocoa.

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Our craftsmen in the workshop

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We transform exceptional cocoa beans into Grands Crus & Creations with unique flavours.

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The chocolate-making process: from tree to bean and from bean to bar

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