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How can you personalize your gifts?

Discover a unique way of personalizing your gift to maximise the impact of your intention. Whenever you feel like it, take advantage of our expertise and wrap you gift in a chest that is “so you”.

Add your personal touch anywhere you like, choose a personalized or completely restyled sheath.

Tailor-made Events

Ask for the moon

Surprise your team members with an original and absolutely delicious experience: astonishing creation, special dessert, sampling demonstration, private pop-up…
Your personal contact will go out of their way to meet your expectations.

Cocoa bean
Pierre Marcolini, the totally committed chocolatier

Pierre Marcolini, the committed chocolatier

Pierre Marcolini has been fighting for the right of cocoa to a pedigree similar to what wine has been enjoying for ages.

He is one of the few chocolatiers who roast their cocoa beans themselves. Criollo, Trinitario, Nacional or Forastero: Pierre Marcolini travels the seven seas to find the best ones, and monitors every production stage to ensure that his creations stand out.

Each creation is subjected to the same notoriously stringent and perfectionist criteria he is known for.

Cocoa bean

Surprise your team members all over the world

From Paris to Shanghai, you can count on a personal advisor who will help you with the choice of your present, which is packaged to your specifications and delivered wherever you want.

In Europe

In Europe

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In Asia

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In the Middle-East
Advice you can count on

Advice you can count on

Our dedicated chocolate expert team is available at every step of the way towards a perfect delivery, irrespective of the scope of your intentions. Your personal contact will answer all of your questions and see to it that your wishes are executed to your fullest satisfaction.